New York Auto Insurance

Are you purchasing a new car? Is your current car insurance about to expire or are you simply paying too much? Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. can help. We will shop the top carriers and find you the New York car insurance that gives you the best protections at the best price. If you want the best car insurance prices in NY or NJ, contact us today for a free New Jersey or New York auto insurance quote.

New York Home Insurance

The right homeowners insurance in NY is essential to properly protecting your home and its contents. A proper New York home insurance policy will protect the structure, your personal property and provide liability insurance should others be injured on your property. If your home is damaged or destroyed your living expenses should also be covered. Contact Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. for a free New York home insurance quote and make sure your home is properly covered.

New York Business Insurance

As a business owner, New Jersey or New York business insurance may well be the single most important coverage you choose. Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. is dedicated to helping New Jersey and New York business owners get the coverage they need and will design a commercial insurance policy around your chief concerns. You’ve worked too hard to leave your business exposed to unnecessary risk. Contact us today for a free New York or New Jersey Business insurance quote.

Life Insurance

Do you know which life insurance policy type is right for you? Term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance…the list seems endless. The dedicated team of life insurance professionals at Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. understand New Jersey and New York’s life insurance market and regulations and will find the right plan – or mixture of plans – for your specific lifestyle and needs. Contact us today for a free life insurance quote.

Professional Liability Insurance

Companies of all sizes and types are exposed to risks that can potentially put you out of business. Professional Liability insurance covers errors and omissions that result in significant financial losses. Don’t let a small mishap turn into a large lawsuit. Protect your business. No matter where you are in New York or New Jersey, contact Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. today for a free Professional Liability Insurance quote.

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New York Auto Insurance from Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc.

Auto Insurance

Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. will guide you through the complexities of New York auto insurance policies, to ensure that you have all the protection you need, without paying for unnecessary coverage. Whether you need auto insurance in New Jersey or New York car insurance make sure you have the coverage you need by contacting us today for a free auto insurance quote.

New York Home Insurance from Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc.

Home Insurance

Properly protecting your New York home and its contents is basic to your family's financial well being. Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. will work with you to create a comprehensive New York home insurance plan to protect you and your family. Fill out our free home insurance quote form and make sure you’re covered with affordable homeowners insurance in NY.

New York Business Insurance from Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc.

Business Insurance

All businesses are exposed to some type of risk. Some may cause a minor inconvenience while others are potentially catastrophic. Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. will evaluate all of your potential risks and exposures, and help you select the best New York business insurance policies to provide the protection you need at a cost that is affordable.

New York life insurance quotes

Life Insurance

Don’t underestimate the amount of money required to see your children through college, or allow your surviving spouse to maintain his or her standard of living. Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. will help you select the right Life Insurance product and coverage to meet your needs. Contact us today and one of our Life Insurance professionals will guide you through the process ensuring you get the coverage you need at the best price.

Professional Liability Insurance from Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc.

Professional Liability

Even experts can make mistakes. Are you protected? Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. can indemnify professionals -- and the services they provide -- with comprehensive professional liability insurance. Contact us today to learn how our professional liability insurance can protect you and your professional future.

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Since its beginning in 1894, under the leadership of William H. Fleisch, Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. has developed into a full-service, all-inclusive insurance brokerage and continues to proudly serve the local insurance needs of New York, Staten Island and New Jersey for over 100 years.

Over the years, our extensive experience and insurance knowledge has been vital in our ability to serve diverse commercial, non-profit and personal clientele throughout the New York and Northern New Jersey area. With exponential expansion and the ability to provide superior insurance strategies—ranging from various degrees of Personal and Business Insurance policies—our highly trained agents are happy to offer only the finest professional advice.

Whether you are looking for reliable NY business insurance, an affordable Brooklyn home insurance policy, or even comprehensive New Jersey workers compensation, rest assured, Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. has made your coverage needs a top priority. With leading carrier representation and an unwavering commitment to prompt, effective customer service, Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. combines the power and expertise necessary to manage insurance programs for both individuals and area businesses.

Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. wants to be your New York insurance provider. Our keen attention to detail and years of steadfast service has equipped our agents with the ability to handle multiple policy lines saving you valuable time and money.

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