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Todd Griesman

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I’m not unlike anyone else out in the big bad world of insurance consumers. I went with a family friend years ago, always had good results when I had a claim, and never saw any reason to look anywhere else. Then, I joined a networking group and most of the members used the insurance guy in the group to do their business and personal insurance. The accolades were, in a word, fantastic. I decided to have this guy, Keith Philipps, review my policy and give me a quote…. WoW!

I got an education regarding insurance that really opened my eyes.

I got a fleshed out insurance policy that offered coverages I didn’t know were available but that were absolutely necessary.

I got a policy that cost me over $1000.00 less per year.

I got higher coverages with one of the best providers on the planet.

I got Keith on my side, and that is an unbelievable asset to have.

I continue to be impressed with Keith, his proactive approach, honesty, and integrity make it a pleasure to work with him.

I am pleased to endorse him, and will return to him to provide all my insurance needs.

November 8, 2010

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