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Cancer Survivors Arnaldo Silva & Vanessa Silva-Welch share their story

Cancer Survivors Arnaldo Silva & Vanessa Silva-Welch have been featured on ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson, CBS, Fox 5, Black Enterprise Magazine, and Women’s Day Magazine and have spoken in several schools around the country to promote the awareness of men getting breast cancer.  This super unique bond of a father and daughter … More

Cancer Survivors Phil Schiffman’s Story

 When I prepare to write a blog I usually ask the person I will be interviewing some basic questions and form the story from there.  Sometimes the interviewee already has their story written.  This is especially true of cancer survivors and is exactly true of Phil Schiffman.  This is his story of battling breast cancer: … More

Cancer Survivor Bill Becker’s Story

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What do you do when you are faced with a diagnosis of Stage IV Metastatic Male Breast Cancer?  You fight.  Sometimes surviving means learning how to live with a disease you never thought you’d have.  Today’s story is that of Bill Becker and is told in his own words. How did I get here?  It’s … More

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