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Group Benefits

Offering benefits to your employees will attract a higher caliber of worker and make your company more successful and more profitable. When an applicant looks for employment, the two most important factors they consider are salary and benefits. will help you retain better employees by setting you up with an affordable and attractive employee benefits … More

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Health Insurance

It is almost impossible to live without health insurance these days. With the rising costs of health care, some people are finding it difficult to find affordable coverage. Whether your employer does not offer health coverage, or you are self employed, you may find yourself in a position where you need to seek your own … More

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Home Insurance

Purchasing homeowner’s insurance can get confusing, and at we understand this. Although you are not legally required to purchase home insurance as you are with car insurance, many mortgage companies are requiring it as part of their finance agreements with home owners. If you are faced with the sometimes daunting task of shopping for homeowner’s … More

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Insurance Solutions

Regardless of your insurance needs, is dedicated to matching your needs to the most comprehensive and affordable coverages available on the market today. We can help you find viable policies for: Life Auto Home Health Business And more… To further discuss your insurance solutions – your needs, your concerns, or your goals – please feel … More

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Life Insurance

Term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance, survivorship insurance… the list and combinations seem endless. Do you know which life insurance policy type is right for you? At we can help. Our dedicated team of life insurance professionals understands ’s market and regulations and can find the right plan – … More

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Motorcycle Insurance

Selecting your motorcycle is a big decision. Protecting your motorcycle is easy. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a casual rider, or a hardcore motorcyclist, our motorcycle insurance policy offers protection for you, your bike, and your accessories. Our policy is designed to meet the personal and financial needs of most motorcycle owners. All you need … More

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New York Business Insurance

Business is unpredictable. Buying business insurance shouldn’t be. By most accounts, the goal of doing business is maximizing profits, while minimizing costs. This means making strategic plans that account for expected costs and delineate actionable plans that shrewdly reinvest the profits. Keeping costs to an acceptable level entails finding affordable, comprehensive business insurance that can … More

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New York Workers Compensation Insurance

As a business owner, you do everything you can to protect your employees from potential dangers, but do you have workers compensation protection? Most business owners understand that or New Jersey workers compensation is important, but did you know that if you have employees, it is required by law for most businesses to have coverage? … More

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Non-Profit Insurance

At we appreciate the dedication and overall determination of your organization. As a Non-Profit entity, you are committed to serving the greater good and helping those facing adversity find comfort and understanding. We are also aware that you tend to face unique set of risk exposures that for-profit and conventional organizations seldom do. Finding the … More

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Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

Let’s face it, off road vehicles are fun. Off road vehicle insurance is a critical tool to make sure you keep them fun. Whether you are a recreational ATV rider, or use your side by side to manage miles of fence line having it damaged, wrecked, or stolen can cause loss of time and money. … More

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