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Cyber Liability/Data Breach

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As a company that constantly works online, you require adequate protection against the unique risks you face. This is where cyber liability insurance from Schmutter Strull Fleisch Inc. comes into play.

Our agents have taken the initiative to fully understand this product by participating in a mentorship program with the Hartford Insurance Company. Through this effort, our professionals have become experts on cyber liability insurance, and can address all of your needs and concerns readily.

This plan specifically deals with the first- and third-party risks associated with online businesses and their informational assets. If you face privacy issues, infringements of intellectual property, virus transmissions, or any other serious online mishap, you should consider having this protective measure on your side. We can offer legal and forensic services as well as good faith advertising expenses. However, keep in mind that fines and monitoring costs will be imposed by government agencies, as well as loss of customers and possible law suits.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Learn how you can better protect your online presence by speaking to one of our dedicated agents. Call us for a free quote and to get started today!

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