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Cancer Survivor Bianca’s Story

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Pink ribbon. Breast cancerBianca was diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in March 2012.  “One night I rolled over and thought I rolled on a button.  I found a visible lump on my left breast.  My journey went from my family MD, to a surgeon which ordered a Breast MRI.” she says.

Her experience with treatment was on the far side of unbearable.  Bianca says “I was then scheduled for a left mx.  I told my surgeon to take everything in the breast.  The pathology report showed 9 clean nodes.  From there my true nightmare began with chemo.  I had only 2 chemo treatments, dose dense.  I ended up in the hospital after each treatment with a severe reaction.  I remember praying to God asking to die.  The headaches were from hell, my white count had bottomed out, I had a severe infection and was put in isolation in the hospital.  At my request and against the oncologist advice, I stopped my chemo treatments.  The recovery was slow and debilitating.  Today I am cancer free, although the thought of reoccurrence is always in my mind.”

Bianca was her own advocate and her advice for those with a breast cancer diagnosis reflects that “Always follow your gut instinct and do what is right for you.”

Through treatment all cancer patients and cancer survivors have things that make it just that much worse.  It was something less vain for Bianca “Losing my hair was embarrassing but losing my memory was and is the hardest part.”

Author’s Note:  If you or anyone you know is facing a breast cancer diagnosis and need a support group please comment below.

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