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These Cancer Survivors Want Ellen’s Attention – And For Good Reason

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Featured Author: Rebecca Nero of Becky’s Big Bytes

Rebecca & Corey

Rebecca & Corey

Corey Calligano and I are just 2 of the 300 plus members of the private Facebook group called “The Pink Sisters”.  Most of us have never met in person but the one unfortunate commonality we all share is Breast Cancer.  Our group is (sadly) rapidly growing and we welcome new members with open arms. Since this group started in January 2013, we have also lost 7 women to this disease. We honor their beautiful memories with a Wall of Angels on our page so that they are never forgotten.

We are from all walks of life and some of us are from the U.K and Australia. It is on the Pink Sisters site where we laugh, cry, give advice, talk about the freakiest and craziest side effects no doctor will dare tell you about. Most of all, it is a safe and comforting haven, no matter what the hour is, one of us is usually up (thanks to our hot flashes or other crazy side effects!). We can always count on someone being there for a virtual shoulder to cry on, a laugh, and a “Yes, that happened to me too!” We all find strength and comfort in each other during some very dark and scary times. We lift each other up, like a good bra should! And, we laugh a lot because if you can’t laugh at some of this journey, then you are in deep trouble.

The pile of letters sent to Ellen

The pile of letters sent to Ellen

The only problem is, these “virtual hugs” are not enough for us. We desperately need to meet each other in person so we can take our virtual relationship to the next level.  One of the brilliant Pink Sisters suggested that we contact Ellen Degeneres to see if we could somehow meet up on her show during the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. We envisioned filling her studio audience with Pink Sisters from all over. Could our dream become a reality? There was only one way to find out!

We were determined to tell our stories and get Ellen’s attention, at any cost. And so began a cross-country/continental letter writing campaign.  Working together virtually, we compiled a large packet of our personal stories and pictures of our journeys.

Corey and I put this video together with the help of the Pink Sisters so that Ellen could hear our voices and see us as real people, not just patients.  We Tweeted, retweeted, posted on Facebook and reposted on Facebook, hoping to make our video “go viral”.  We haven’t heard from Ellen yet but we have not given up! We are hoping that this blog post will help us to realize our dream, with your help, of course!


Author’s Note:  Do you want to help these Breast Cancer Survivors & make their dream a reality?  Please share the video and ask that everyone you know shares the video.  Tweet Ellen at @TheEllenShow and let her know you want to see the Pink Sisters on her show in October! 

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