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Cancer Survivors Arnaldo Silva & Vanessa Silva-Welch share their story

SilvaWelchCancer Survivors Arnaldo Silva & Vanessa Silva-Welch have been featured on ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson, CBS, Fox 5, Black Enterprise Magazine, and Women’s Day Magazine and have spoken in several schools around the country to promote the awareness of men getting breast cancer.  This super unique bond of a father and daughter has created a buzz worldwide!  Arnaldo was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2007 and became one of the 1,900 men The American Cancer Society estimates will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year.  Four months later, Vanessa was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Both were BRCA2 positive as were several other family members.  Both of them underwent surgery and decided to complete their chemotherapy together.

Arnaldo and Vanessa discovered this disease does not discriminate and decided to work together in spreading the awareness that men get breast cancer too.  They created a foundation called Life In Faith Everyday (L.I.F.E.).  LIFE’s mission is to educate and raise awareness worldwide about men getting breast cancer as well as educate men about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Vanessa and Arnaldo’s goal is to create a documentary about men having breast tissue, which can cause breast cancer, the way women do.   The numbers are growing largely each year because of non-education of the disease in men.  Currently it is a taboo for men to speak about the disease because everyone associates it as a women’s disease.  Men feel embarrassed to talk about it and there is a lack of support.  So the awareness stops with them.  The overall mission with the documentary is to start a serious discussion about detection and education for men with breast cancer, medical support, family finance and save lives in the process.

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