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Cancer Survivor Dick Shulte’s Story

dickshulteWhen writing a blog you try to stay within a word limit – too many words and the reader may be lost.  With writing the stories of cancer survivor’s I have learned that you sometimes simply cannot tell the story in a neat 2 paragraph blog.  And taking that into consideration there are people who tell their story in a “short & sweet” way. This is the case with Dick Schulte, he wrote his story to share hope with others.  I give you Dick’s story, in his own words:

“I am age 60 and 20 year survivor.

I was taking my morning shower 25 years ago when I felt a pimple like spot on my left breast. Clear liquid would come out of it when I applied pressure. I went to the doctor and told him about it. The doc said just to keep an eye on it.

5 years later in the same spot when I applied pressure blood came out so back to the doctor I went. Tests were run and male breast cancer was diagnosed. They wanted me to go through chemotherapy, radiation and a full bone marrow transplant. They pulled out 25 lymph nodes and found 12 with Stage 4 cancer.

I worked with my doctor and took chemotherapy treatments for 6 months, “The Red Devil” Adriamycin and Cytoxan. It was awful. I got an all clear that year. 20 years later I broke my hip and they found that my cancer had metastasized into my bones. I started back on chemotherapy and received radiation along with hormone therapy. I will always need some sort of treatment all they can do now is control and contain this dreaded disease. I will never be cured.

Cancer will not stop me from living a great life.”


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