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Cancer Survivor Story – Anonymous

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Pink ribbon. Breast cancerSome people are very verbal & open when they are dealing with something like cancer.  Other people would rather not share with the world.  This cancer survivor wants to remain anonymous, but she also wants to share her story of hope.

March of 2013 she was diagnosed with Stage 2a Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  Breast Cancer had already been diagnosed in her mother & 2 aunts, but it still was not expected.

She says “I am the lucky one”, a sentiment that is shared by many who are able to survive cancer.

Her treatment consisted only of a mastectomy in April of 2013.  Not that a mastectomy is an easy surgery, but because she used a new technology called Oncotype.  Oncotype helps your doctor understand your risk level of recurrence and if chemotherapy would be beneficial.  She says “The first time my husband and I cried was when we got the phone call with my onco score of 17.  No radiation because of the mastectomy, no chemo because of the onco score.”


And even with that stroke of luck there was hardship.  “I lost my job so I lost my insurance so I lost my team”.

These are the times when people turn to their support group.  And so did she – she belongs to the Facebook group “Pink Sisters”. 

And her advice to someone enduring this journey: “Act decisively. Don’t assume your mate wants you to reconstruct”.

Author’s Note:  If you or any woman you know is battling Breast Cancer and need information on the Facebook group “Pink Sisters”, please leave a comment below.

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