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Cancer Survivor Bret Miller’s Story

Bret Miller has started a website, Male Breast Cancer Coalition, to help spread the word that men DO get Breast Cancer.  This would be a hard enough diagnosis for any man, but try to imagine being a 24 year-old man getting this diagnosis.  The following is Bret’s Cancer Survivor story, in his own words.

3BRET-MILLER-SP_600w“I found my Lump when I was 17 years old, May of 2003, right behind my right nipple,  I was going into my Senior year of High School.  I was a football player and a wrestler, since we had no insurance I had it checked at a physical night, put on by my High School, and 7 doctors looked at it all saying  “let’s keep an eye on this,” and “It is a calcium Build up, you’re becoming a man.”

I got a job right out of college and soon got health insurance, during my check up I ask the doctor to look at it and he decided to find out what the lump was. He sent me for a sonogram, mammogram, and then on April 27th, 2010 the lump was taken out and on April 28th, I got a call notifying me the lump was Breast Cancer.

On May 18th, 2010 I went in for Mastectomy to remove the nipple, breast tissue, & four lymph nodes in a one inch margin around the nipple. Following the very quick and successful surgery I was given very good news that with the margins taken out all the cancer was gone! The Cancer was classified as Stage 1 cancer and caught very early!

On July 21st, 2010 I started first of four rounds of Chemotherapy from July 21st to September 21st 2010. Male BC logo

My Goal and Mission in Life now is to spread the word to EVERYONE that Men can get Breast Cancer TOO!!  Not only men but women need to start checking themselves at a younger age because it is becoming more and more common in younger people. Early detection is the KEY to survival!!

I am now 4 Years CANCER FREE. Now many of my dreams are coming true to get the message out with the help of my family.”

Bret was asked to be a Warrior in Pink for the “Model of Courage” campaign:

This is a mini documentary on Bret:


Author’ Note: If you or anyone you know has been given a diagnosis of Male Breast Cancer please check out Bret’s website at http://malebreastcancercoalition.org

One Response to “Cancer Survivor Bret Miller’s Story”

  1. Peggy Miller says:

    Thank you for helping us to Build AWARENESS. We cannot do this alone! Please let all MEN know MEN TOOOO! Can and do get Breast Cancer! Here is our PSA we just released on Fathers Day Share with everyone you know.
    And make sure all MEN Check their Pecks!

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