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Business Etiquette When Working with International Customers

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Working with international customers can be rewarding
and challenging. When opening your business up to international customers, it
may be a good idea to contact your agent to make sure you have the New
York business insurance
you need for international ventures. Dealing with customers in other countries
also means you may want to acquire a basic knowledge of their culture and
religious beliefs to avoid inadvertently offending them.


Here are some basic tips to remember when working with
customers in some of the countries outside the U.S.:


  • Most Japanese people expect a business card to be presented or
    accepted with both hands and with the front side up. In Japanese culture,
    the way the business card is handled reflects your opinion of the person
    to whom it belongs.
  • Chinese business people typically do not turn their cell phones off
    during a meeting as we do in the U.S., and asking them to do so may be
    considered offensive.
  • Germans are known for being practical and straight to-the-point.
    Enhancing a presentation with clever promotional material may not be
    appreciated. Generally, German business people prefer facts, charts, and


Making the effort to learn about the customs in your
customers’ homeland may go a long way to showing customers how serious you are
about doing business with them. Before beginning any international business
negotiations, you may want to consult your agent to make sure you have the
appropriate New York business insurance protection for shipping goods


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