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Keeping the Night Watch with NY Business Insurance

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New York, New York. It may be the city that never sleeps, but unfortunately humans do need their sleep and while your place of business is unattended it may be particularly vulnerable to thieves and vandals. Your NY business insurance can help with the costs of fixing damage caused by vandals or break-ins but there are things you can do to help reduce the risk to your premises during the “silent” hours.

Useful measures to consider may include:

  • Surveillance cameras with night vision capacity covering key access points. This may be particularly important where the access is otherwise secluded, such as a rear entrance into a quiet alley. These cameras can be hooked into a security company or it may be possible to organize remote viewing at home.
  • A security company could be engaged to carry out regular patrols. It may be worth canvassing your neighboring businesses to see if they would be interested in joining you in this, as shared costs might  make it cheaper all round.
  • Vandals may be deterred by high, secure fencing and sometimes, security lighting that is sensitive to movement may help.

A combination of these kinds of measures may help make you eligible for reduced premiums on your NY business insurance. Why not talk to your insurance agent today and find out?


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